I’m Still Grinning


Yesterday we got to talk to our son via “Whereby” a wonderful program kind of like Facetime, that allows us to talk and see each other securely, even though we’re across the world from him. We don’t get to do it often because there is 12 hours difference in our time during part of the year, and 13 when we’re playing with Daylight Savings Time. We talk on our chat program on almost a daily basis, leaving messages, pictures, music, videos for each other, but it’s SO good to be able to SEE him.

I’m still grinning, feeling happy deep inside. He’s happy. He’s doing well. AND I watched him smile several times, and even laugh. Priceless.

Due to Covid restrictions on both ends, I’m not sure when we’ll actually get to have him home again. I don’t want him to risk anything just because of my greed in wanting lots of his world-winning hugs. To be able to communicate, and SEE him sometimes, is enough.

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