11th Star


I just earned my 11th sparkly star in a row for my desk calendar, doing my yoga session.

I still have to talk myself into actually doing my daily sessions, but once I’m on the mat stretching, it feels better when I stop. (By that I mean, it still is uncomfortable doing the stretching, since I’m stiff and sore, but once the session is finished, I feel looser and better than I did when I started.)

I’m making fewer excuses each day for why it wouldn’t matter if I skipped one session. I just get down on the floor and DO it.

I’m still quite motivated – like I was at school a hundred years ago – by sparkly stars. The ones I have now, that I ordered online, are even prettier than the ones I worked so hard for in school. These are silver sparkly or gold sparkly stars. Now that I have 11 in a row, I don’t want to break my record…. :0)

Even if I never actually build it into a habit, something I NEED to do, the fact that something is working to get this old lady to fold herself into a paper airplane is the important thing.

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