Thoughts on a Friday 4-22-2022

First Cry Parenting

The sun is shining brightly and it’s due to get to the low 80’s today, so I’m smiling from ear to ear. I’ll plan to weed my veggie garden today. :0) We get today, plus part of the weekend before more storms due Sunday.

I’m looking forward to visiting with my friends at Lunch Bunch in a little over an hour.

We’re still hoping the phone line repairman will come to reattach the phone line that fell in the last storm. We waited all day yesterday, but he didn’t show or call. I got on chat at almost 5 and was asked to give him until 7pm. Still nothing. My husband is staying home this morning in case he comes while I go to lunch and do the errands. If nothing has happened, I’ll get back on chat…

I had a dream so realistic last night I’m still reverberating. Short version is that I drove my husbands’ Vette, went over a construction platform into part of a road being reconstructed and covered in thick oil that got all over the tires and into the inside of the car. My husband was ranting about the ‘idiot’ who trashed his car, and I STILL was facing having to tell him it was “I”. I told him about the dream this morning, and then thanked him for being so nice about the fact that I didn’t really trash his car…

The Indian Express

Today’s exercise includes –

  • warm up video
  • stretching video
  • weights video (one of two I alternate)
  • elliptical trainer (10 minutes)
  • yoga stretches (30 minutes)
  • working in the garden (30+ minutes)

Happy Friday.

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