Delightful Lunch Bunch


For the first time in a long time, ALL of us were there at Lunch Bunch. It was delightful and healing.

Our waitress, Mikey, was in a playful mood, too, and made us laugh a lot. My friend Kay’s back is better, and she is aggravating her husband, Bud, by doing things she shouldn’t. He is understandably frustrated with her, having done everything in his power to get her the help she needed after she fell and hurt her back so badly. Two months or so of doctors, procedures, and your wife in pain makes you take life more seriously.

My friend Linda and her daughter, Patty, were doing fine. Patty has been traveling a lot, going back and forth to see her granddaughters, plus helping with a new baby. Patty has arranged for a woman she trusts to be available for Linda when needed, plus gives her a boost weekly, helping her shop, clean, and more.

To be able to talk, laugh, and share a hug or two was HEALING. Sharing time with friends is priceless.

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