Michelle Loving

Isn’t this little guy cute?!

I drove to the bottom of our driveway yesterday afternoon and started another refurbishment project on one of our yard critters. This will be a multi-process refurb –

  • He’s outside and as far away from supplies as possible while still being on our property
  • He weighs about 150 pounds and is chained to a tree.
  • He is almost buried in branches and weeds
  • He is covered with algae/mold/fungus/mystery.

I’ve been putting it off for quite awhile, but since our weather is finally cooling off, I decided to tackle it.

I took some branch loppers (large and small) and used both to try to cut back all the ‘greenery’ around the robot so that he is no longer buried. Here are some pictures of the sweet “Greeter Robot” (before refurbishment) –

The weather really does a number on our critters and this is no exception. Now that I have the greenery cut back around him, I’m going to try to find the spray container of algae/whatever spray I bought and start hosing him down and see if that does any good.

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