Nice Lady Made My Day

On the way to Lunch Bunch today my husband told me that while he was repairing the mailbox front yesterday, a nice lady started to drive past and then stopped. She told him that she and her sister live on down the road from us and that they look every day to see what we have up on the mailbox! This is what we have up now –

Wonder Wart-Hog

We hear very little about our ‘artwork.’ I like to think that the school bus kids enjoy our stuff, but that may be only wishful thinking.

This kind lady told my husband that they loved what we do and that they were so pleased each time we changed the decoration. Isn’t that amazing?

My husband and I have now resolved to do a better job of changing the decorations more often, now that everyone is getting out more. What a NICE lady!


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2 responses to “Nice Lady Made My Day

  1. Maybe you should have a different decoration every month! 😉

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