I Want One of These!

Avantgardens via Marianna Bellantoni


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25 responses to “I Want One of These!

  1. Jody Lee Smith england

    This is so amazing!

  2. D pederson

    I just saw a photo of a beautifully colorful garden path. How was this done please…?

  3. Delia

    What did you use to make this? Some of it I can decipher but others I can not. Is it smooth or bumpy? How did you make it? Is it cemented in ?

    • Hi, Delia. Thank you for writing. I WISH I could say I made this sidewalk. I didn’t. I would imagine that the creator made things as smooth as possible to avoid anyone catching part of a shoe on it and taking a fall. I would also imagine, from doing some mosaic myself, that it is cemented in.

  4. Karen Josselyn

    I just love the mosaic pathway. I am in the process of making a whimsical pathway.
    Wish I could send a picture of my art pathway.

  5. Marisa Jimenez


  6. Anonymous


  7. Cecelia Ann Lee

    That walk way is like going to happy land, how wonderful🌷

  8. Gini

    Beautiful sidewalk guaranteed to keep any child busy imagination n creative juices glowing from playing and studying it. Just so beautiful!

  9. Tom Scruggs

    I think its absolutely wonderful and beautiful but wouldn’t it be slick to walk on with even a bit of dew on it? Just wondering…

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