Arrgh! Too Much of a Good Thing

Tail and Fur

We are thankful we live on top of a ridge line. The ‘monsoon season’ continues in Arkansas. The latest forecast says we might have 5 inches total by the end of the day tomorrow.

Last night we were enjoying listening to the rain while watching TV in the living room. There was a lot of lightning and rolling, rumbling thunder. It was pretty impressive. Suddenly we heard a loud CRACK! and both jumped in our chairs. It sounded like the lightning had hit something really close. I’m no judge of these things, but I don’t want it any closer than that!  I wonder if you hear the lightning if it strikes YOU…..?

I haven’t noticed any damage here, thank goodness, but it’s still raining, so I haven’t ventured out far.  I have no idea if my garden veggies have been washed out of their sweet “squares” or not. The greenhouse is still standing, so I think it’s okay.

One things I’m really happy to note – the rose bushes I cut back so viciously are blooming now!  I’ll get some pics if this ‘wonderful’ rain will finally stop…



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