“It’s Raining, It’s Pouring….”

Daily Express


“It’s raining.

It’s pouring.

The old man is snoring.

He bumped his head.

and couldn’t get out of bed

in the morning”    – English Limerick


It started to rain late in the evening, storming all night with lots of rumbling and bumbling – really great for sleeping. It’s still raining today, and is supposed to tomorrow, too. A bit too much of a good thing.

This is the equivalent of ‘monsoon season’ in Arkansas. Things are about as lush as they get around here. The trees on either side of our 650+ foot STEEP driveway are trying to grow across the driveway. We don’t have any trouble, but UPS and Fedex truck drivers look a bit wild-eyed when they come up to deliver.

Once the rains stop, we’ll be lucky to get enough to wet the grass during the summer. We have an irrigation system that – once working – waters every day so that flowers don’t completely croak around here. We used to get out each evening and water everything with hoses, but that wasn’t enough to counteract the strong sunshine and over 100 degree F. weather we routinely have. The plants would simply burn up.

We’re enjoying the rain we’re getting now and working on the irrigation system to repair blow-outs before the system is really needed. We’re making good headway on a leak we found in the well house. We think maybe one more session will finish the main system. We still have a problem on the other side of the driveway from the well house, but that can wait a bit.

It strikes me funny that we can’t work on the irrigation system because it’s raining.  :0)

Happy day, everyone!

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