Nothing is EVER Simple…

I told you earlier that I was prescribed 4 prescriptions.  For the rest of the afternoon I’ve been trying to actually GET them.

First, the doctor called the prescriptions to the wrong pharmacy. I finally figured that out and called the doctor’s office again.

THEN, I got two emails from my pharmacy saying they didn’t have ANY of the medicines I need, but would order them and let me know when they were ready to pick up.

One of the emails listed ONE of the medication’s cost as 60 pills for $706.99. Once I could breathe again, I came into our office,  went to the website of my healthcare provider and messed around for about 45 minutes trying to find out if that medicine was covered and what the cost would be if it was.  I was delighted to find that I could get 90 pills for $73.99!

I called my doctor’s office back and explained the problem. The wonderful nurse offered to send the prescription to my provider electronically. I haven’t heard anything more, so I’m HOPING that means that all has gone through okay and that my pills will be on the way soon.

I don’t really like to wait, particularly when one of the meds is an anti-inflammatory for my eye, but I don’t need to send us to the poorhouse, either.  Hopefully, in another week or so, I’ll have the new meds and refills for the ones I’m using now, and can concentrate on healing, rather than fighting my way through the system.

Tonight, as part of a victory lap, my husband and I are taking three good friends for bowling and ice cream !!!!

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