Good Idea for Aquarium Cleaning

This is the dining area side of our 5 gallon aquarium where our four goldfish live, swim, and laugh. You can see them in a huddle on the right of the aquarium.

The past week the water has been looking a bit cloudy. Usually, I change the filter, but I had done this recently and the water wasn’t clear. I was siphoning out some of the water to replace it when my husband made a good suggestion – he suggested that I siphon out half of the water, fill it up with the aged replacement water I have, and then do it again – resulting in a change of approximately three-quarters of the water in the tank without having to disturb the fish.

I did that this morning. It was easy. The fish didn’t even realize what was going on, and the water now looks nice and clear!


This is the kitchen side of the aquarium.


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4 responses to “Good Idea for Aquarium Cleaning

  1. Your four goldfish are enjoying life in a clean house, Linda 🙂

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