After the Storm with Amber

I found poor, neglected Amber like this awhile ago. She had only been out three times this morning, once with my husband playing ball with her, so I took pity on her and took her out again.

A cold front came through about 1am, bringing lots of rain (FINALLY!) and cooler temperatures through the end of the week, we hope.  I went out, jacket on, dog zapper in one hand, coffee in the other, dog treats in my right jeans pocket, to see what the storm had wrought.

We went first to see if the greenhouse and the ham radio tower were still up after all the high wind. Both are doing fine. Whew!

Amber found wonderful branches in the yard, picking them up and running around like a mad thing with them clamped in her teeth. She had a large one that, when she had one part of it in her mouth, the other part came up across her face making it hard to see out. She still ran around, doing a victory dance, clearly saying, “Look at ME!”

Everything was gloriously wet, and the sky was promising more to come, so we walked from the greenhouse all the way across our property out to the shop and the garden. On the way back to the house I saw one, bright red leaf on the ground. Almost buried by the other leaves, I almost missed it. It has been so dry the whole past month that the leaves were coming down due to lack of water, rather than falling temperatures, so we haven’t had much color here.

Of course, the minute I picked it up, Amber wanted to EAT it. I brought it in so I could take a picture of this sole sign of glorious fall color.  It brought up my spirits this morning, and I hope it does the same for you!


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2 responses to “After the Storm with Amber

  1. Good for you to get the much needed rain, Linda 🙂
    I don’t see many leaves changing colors here, so I enjoy the autumn by all the beautiful posts about the autumn.

    • I think you have to have a pretty cold ‘snap’ to cause the tree leaves to turn color. We rarely have that here, so I too, rely on pictures from elsewhere to enjoy my fall. :0)

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