Good Thing She’s Cute…

I FINALLY got a reasonable picture of Amber with one of her toys. She loves this one, throwing her head back – almost looking like she’s laughing – as she chews madly.

My husband and I were agreeing that it’s a really good thing we didn’t wait to get Amber because even with the two of us – she’s more than a handful for two old fogies. We also agreed that it’s a good thing she’s cute and loving. It goes a long way in making up for the fact that her alter ego is “Destructo Dog.”

Case in point –

This morning I took her out, walked all around the yard with her, out to the square foot garden and the shop, then the other way out to the greenhouse, and then I finally sat down on the front porch to watch her play a bit. We came in, but within 10 minutes or so, she was flipping my arm up over and over while I was trying to type – her sign that she needs to go out – NOW!

Since I wanted more coffee and needed to go to the bathroom, I did, checking on Amber when I got back. In that space of time she had again wreaked havoc on the front porch, the front porch pad, and the impatiens pot. I don’t know why she has it in for this pot, but I finally gave up, dumping it out, hosing it out, and putting it on my counter in the garage.

I then scooped as much potting mix as I could with the metal dustpan, dumping it back into the brick planter by the porch. Then I swept. By the time I finished that, my husband had the hose ready. I hosed everything off and then took the dustpan and the broom back to the garage. On the way, I discovered she had also dug in the 2nd Rio Samba planter. I stopped and cleaned THAT up.

We put Amber on the porch so we could all calm down and rest a bit. Just now when I went out to get her, I noticed that she had apparently used some of the time while we were cleaning up to lie down in the mud and water. Her whole underside and back legs were black.

I called my husband out and we took Amber out on the deck and hosed her down, putting her back on the porch to dry. I took a couple of towels out there to dry her off some, but she was trying to chew on my arm while I worked on her, so I didn’t do much.

We have now agreed that we won’t take her out without her wearing the shock collar and our having the remote in our hands. We won’t just let her out by herself until further notice. We will be ready to zap her if she starts digging. Hopefully, we can break her of this before our weather gets cold…



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4 responses to “Good Thing She’s Cute…

  1. It is good, that you are reacting so fast Linda, this should help you a lot.

    • I’m hoping that we can nip this in the bud, Irene. We can only hope. She’s really good at destroying things and making a mess – much faster than we are on cleaning up after her.

      • Odin was a biter too and destroyed all his toys and ate them too, which were not good. It has ended up with, that now he only have bones for biting of different kinds and tennis balls for playing, otherwise they get destroyed too.
        He has also some branches, as he is allowed to bite, but nothing else. I don’t want to go to the vet for surgery for eating bad stuff.

        • Boy, do I hear you on that, Irene. Amber’s like a vacuum cleaner. Having only puppy brain, she tries to eat everything. I have to watch her like a hawk. I’m gradually learning which kind of toys are the best for her.

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