Desperate to Chew!

One of the many things we’re dealing with in training our labrador retriever puppy, Amber, is that labs love to chew on everything. We have tackled this problem in several ways –

  • spraying “Bitter Apple” on things we don’t want her to chew – with very mixed results
  • catching her in the act and either swatting her with the flyswatter or spraying her with the water bottle – with very mixed results
  • yelling ‘no,’ with mixed results
  • getting lots and lots of chew toys
  • providing chewy treats, such as Bully sticks, rawhide, something that looks like bacon, and more.


She’s teething now which exacerbates the problem. Today I’ve disciplined her for chewing on the back pull-on-thingies on the backs of my shoes (while my feet are in them – either walking in front of her or sitting in my chair), chewing on the basket in the office, chewing on the bottom corners of my desk shelves and a roll-around table, trying to get into my trash can, and more.


You can see her here chewing on a bully stick. She really loves these, but they’re expensive – particularly since it takes her about half an hour or less to ‘eat’ the whole thing.

I’ve also tried to distract her, taking her on three walks so far this morning (it’s 10:15). That has helped some.

There is never a dull moment with a lab puppy. The fact that she’s well over 52 pounds now and is quite headstrong adds to the flavor of our days. We’re really learning to plan ahead on more and more things, trying to make her as happy as possible while not risking life and limb.

She just looked at me – having finished the bully stick – whining a bit. She looks so innocent with her pretty face and big, brown eyes….


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4 responses to “Desperate to Chew!

  1. It is a big job to raise a puppy and you find the way for your family, Linda 🙂

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