Heat Index of WHAT?

I just looked up our temperatures today with the humidity and came up with a heat index of 114.


Guldehen Photography – Deviant Art

I just came in from checking on my husband out in the shop while walking our 5 month old lab puppy, Amber, for the 3rd time this morning. She jumped in the kiddie pool twice on this outing and then drank a LOT of water when we came in.

I’m hoping that I can catch a break on weather and do some weed spraying this evening.  I’m supposed to watch for a time we have 48 hours without rain. Yeah. Right. Usually in Arkansas in August there would be NO problem – the grass should be brown and crunchy, the ground dry as dust, things dying even with our irrigation system going. This year has been a record on rainfall, I think . It’s certainly the rainiest July and August we remember, and we’ve lived on top of this ridge line for some 30 years.

So – I’m going to go with the flow and read more of my book in the comfort of A/C with a cup of coffee or maybe some iced tea this afternoon.

Hoping to assume my new alias, “Mad Weed Killer” tonight, I hope your Sunday is enjoyable.


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8 responses to “Heat Index of WHAT?

  1. It is warm too in Spain and even if it has looked as rain would come, we have only got few drops here for long time. I need to watering very often, which also makes the weeds growing…

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