Custom Air Tool Holder

I don’t want him to get a big head, but my husband is really creative and handy.

We have bought air tools over the years we use with our air compressor in the shop. He saw an air tool holder in a catalog. He thought it was pretty neat, but it only held 6 tools. We have 10 and may get more before we croak, so he decided he would build a custom air tool holder for us.

He hung it from the shop rafters, so it’s good and sturdy. He measured out where the holes for the tools to hang in needed to go so each would hang straight, not bumping into one another. He made the hanger out of metal tubing we had on hand plus angle iron. He painted the holder with truck bed paint so it won’t rust.

This is a little different view and shows the connection to the rafters better.

And he planned for growth, allowing us to hang 4 more air tools if we would like.


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