Amber at 5 Months

Amber – 5 mos old, 52.5 pounds

Amber was 5 months old Monday, August 7th. She now weighs over 52 pounds. We had her spayed on Monday and she is back to her usual, robust self, getting into everything, enjoying life to the fullest, wearing out her family, although we are very glad to have her back at home.

We knew she had gotten larger, but even WE were shocked when we looked at a few of the pics we took when we first brought her home at 10 weeks old, 16 pounds mid-May.

Amber – 10 weeks – 16 pounds

We have finally come up with a way to start training her to fetch. She does the first part quite readily – jumping up to go get the toy. She even brings it back to you much of the time, but won’t give it to you. She wants you to play tug of war with whatever the toy is – to your peril because she has sharp teeth and cheats.

Since she is food-driven, when she brings it back, we now say, “Give it to me” and offer her a treat. She has to let go of the toy in order to get the treat. We’ll see if this continues to work well.

Two days ago we noticed the shock collar we bought to use with our leash quit working. My husband turned it up a notch to see if that would make any difference. Still nothing. He changed the battery. Nothing. He emailed the company, telling ME that it either “worked or it didn’t, ” and that he wanted me to handle any calls about it.

(We love this collar. The dog controls whether she is shocked or not. If she pulls hard enough on the leash, she is mildly shocked. If she quits pulling, it stops shocking her. She responded immediately. Since she needs a lot of repetition, we put the collar on her in the morning, using it each time we take her out, and then remove it at night. )

A man named Fred called us in answer to the email, complimented us on our custom phone answering system (asking if we had put it on the market :0) ) and said a tech would call us back. The guy called us, talked to my husband, had him do a couple of things and it worked!  Sheepishly, my husband admitted that he had apparently changed things to a position that made the collar not function. Anyway, it’s fixed now and works beautifully again. If you’re interested in checking out the collar, go to Trail Blazin’ Innovations.  

Great product and great customer service!

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