New Favorite Toy

My husband made this toy for our pit bull, Bambi, years ago. I had forgotten we even had it, but my husband suddenly remembered it and found it in the garage. Tug of War is Amber’s favorite thing to do. She’ll bring us toy after toy, wanting you to grab the other end (if you dare with her sharp puppy teeth). She cheats, though, changing her bite and trying to grab YOUR end.

This toy is heavy nylon rope threaded through a length of PVC pipe. The rope is knotted, so it stays where it is. You hold the other end, shielded from the puppy’s teeth. Both of you get LOTS of exercise in short order.








Amber really loves it. She had more energy than my husband, but a good time was had by all.


The is Amber with one of the two KONG bones I got for her recently. She is 5 months old today, 52-1/2 pounds, and is at the vet’s getting spayed this morning. It’s very quiet in the house. It’s almost eerie…

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