The Problem with Reading a Good Book

I Love Reading Books via Cathy Ruggiero

I’m in the middle of “Treachery in Death” by J.D. Robb (Nora Roberts). It’s number 32 in the series of  45 she’s written so far. I’m starting to have withdrawal symptoms, knowing that soon I will have caught up with all she has written and have to wait for her to write another.

This is such a good series with strong characters with whom I identify. I care about these people and I love getting to know them better with each book, finding new quirks, new vulnerabilities, new strengths I didn’t know they had. I look forward to the insults traded by Eve and Summerset – a small, building interaction with real, though grudging respect underneath.

I don’t want to put the books down. I’m eager to start each new one, yet I don’t want them to end, either. I again thank my good friend, Marsha, for mentioning that she loved the series, getting me started in a wonderful adventure.

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