Chain Sawing a Path

My husband just came in from trying to chain saw a path from the ham radio tower pad through the woods 30 feet to where he wants to drill a hole through the rocky ground and sledge hammer a guy wire stake.

He said he has to rebuild the chain saw before he can do any more, but ALMOST got as far as he needed to. He is, of course, super hot and exhausted, but he’s resting and drinking fluids. When he has rested, he’ll go up and take a shower, then come down and hopefully rest some more.

The people from Holmes Erection Company in Fort Smith are supposed to call and come this morning to look at what we need to do and where, and give us a cost for the job. Hopefully, this will all work out, because it’s the safest way to stand the tower up and hold it in place while we bolt the end of the base to the metal center of the pad and attach guy wires to the three stakes in the ground.

We’re nearing the end of this project, and the start of what I hope will be some fun for my husband. This is one of his long-time ‘wants.’ We lucked into the 45 foot tower, antenna, rotator and control box, getting the whole package for less than we would have paid normally for the control box alone.

So – the next step is to fix the chain saw and hope the people call and come today to give us an estimate.

We have four 10 foot sections of tower that look similar to this. On the top we have a humongous antenna, called a ‘quad’ type, a square of metal, fiberglass, and two rounds of wire at two different lengths for two different purposes.

I will be out there trying to get pics of the tower going up if these people will do the job for us. Soon now!

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