Ham Radio Tower Setback

After fighting to get the antenna on the tower and then jacking things up so the antenna could rotate and be tested, my husband found out that the antenna had been tuned for 11 meter band – which is CB radio. He needs it to be tuned for 10 meter – ham radio.


So we laboriously unbolted the antenna from the tower, carefully brought it down, and carried it to the driveway pad where my husband can work on it. Apparently, the trick is the length of the wires in the antenna. We need to shorten the wires so that we have an antenna that will resonate in the 10 meter band. My husband will need to measure carefully, drill holes into the arms of the antenna where the shorter wires need to go and then install them.

Once that is done, we’ll carry the antenna back around to the other side of the house and install it again, and then test to see if we got it right this time.  One step at a time…

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