The Miracle of Kong Toys

We got one of these for our pit bull, Bambi, years ago. He didn’t think much of it because he couldn’t destroy it, which was his big thing with toys. He wanted to find the weakness, exploit it, and demolish the toy. Even when I put treats in there, he wasn’t interested.

Now that we have our labrador retriever puppy, Amber, we live in a whole new world. She LOVES toys, though her attention span is the length of flea spit. I tried the Kong toy with her, filled with treats and peanut butter soon after we brought her home. She looked at it for a couple of seconds and went on to something else.

My sister-in-law suggested these again. I decided, ‘why not?’ and filled it with peanut butter and biscuits today. Amber went nuts over it this time, avidly trying to get the goodies inside.

When we were on the porch talking to Foy when he had finished brush hogging today, we heard a big noise from the porch. It was Amber, playing with the Kong toy. She was picking it up and throwing it against the screen door. It was bouncing from there to the floor, and she jumped after it. :0)

If you haven’t tried one, it might be something your pet will really enjoy.

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