Feeling We’re Inside the Crock Pot


With the humidity at 54% right now, the heat index is at 106 degrees F., and due to get hotter as the afternoon wears on.  I realize it’s summer, but I’m older than dirt now, and not as able to handle this as I once was.

That said, I’m going to be doing some stuff outside, activity in short bursts with cool down and lots of water in-between, for the rest of the day.

  • gather ripe tomatoes
  • weed the raised bed square foot garden
  • weed whacking around the yard
  • pruning the rose bushes,
  • weeding the flower planters

This is my list in order of priority. I’ll be lucky if I get ANY of these things done.

Thank goodness we have good air conditioning. If we didn’t, I think all I would do is lie around with wet towels over me…

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Filed under Gardening, Mother Nature, Square Foot Gardening - Raised Beds

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