Amber Update

$251.22 later, we have discovered that Amber

  • Doesn’t have worms or parasites
  • Doesn’t have any type of blockage
  • Looks great to our wonderful vet

She DOES have

  • A slight fever
  • An obvious gastrointestinal upset
  • May be really sensitive to food (though she eats anything and everything she can find with great relish)

As of this morning, we’ve switched from feeding her half a can of the easy-on-the-tummy dog food we keep on hand to a whole can twice a day mixed with a combination of probiotics to help her get her regularity back and metronidazole for the fever, which signals a mild infection.

While we were there, we weighed her. She now weighs 41.6 pounds. We got two cases of the special cans of dog food, a 6 pack of Sentinel, since she’ll be in the 50 – 100 lb zone the rest of her life. I just fed her, using a can of the special food, plus the two kinds of probiotic and the crushed up antibiotic. She ate it all quickly with relish.

The vet was really happy with how HAPPY she seems, even at the vet’s. She wanted to play with a little girl while we were there, and also another dog. She didn’t do a great job on the leash and didn’t calm down until she was up on the table in the vet’s office, but he was smiling at how affectionate she is.

Unless we have continuing problems with her digestion, our next appointment is August 7th, when we take her in to be spayed.

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