Amber at 4 Months


We’re giving our ‘no-pull’ leash to a lot of use lately. She has a hard head and – when she sees something she wants – she goes after it full force. If we have her on the regular retractable leash, if we’re not paying strict attention, she’s strong enough to pull us over. She just doesn’t react much to a hard pull with the leash on her collar.

I’m using, and I’m encouraging my husband to use, the special leash that has a strap that goes around her belly, and then practice walking around NOT letting her get far away from us each day. There is plenty of time for her to explore on the many walks we take each day.

While SHE is learning to stay with us and not pull on the leash, WE’RE learning to keep our attention on the dog!


This is Amber in the office with us this morning. As you can see, the poor dog doesn’t have anything to chew on or play with. Poor Amber.

We’re making progress in several areas, though –

  • sitting and waiting when we feed her, not going to the bowl until we say, “Okay.” (We’re also using a hand gesture so she has to meet our eyes before we allow her to eat.)
  • She usually sits when we ask….
  • She and Molly are learning to co-exist (although Amber saw Abby, the cat, and went running after her, causing much hissing and spitting) on the way to the porch for her leash and a walk.
  • She understands hurry up – knowing it means please take care of business with no beating around the bush – particularly if we’re having to stand in a blowing rain as we wait for her
  • She lives for good girl – because it means she gets a treat
  • She comes when she has nothing better to do
  • She is beginning to learn that if she paws all of the water out of the water bowl, she doesn’t have anything left to drink…
  • She is learning that if she calms down, she gets to spend more and more time inside with her family

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