The World is an Exciting Place

Amber was 4 months old on July 7th. We’ll take her in to the vet’s around the 20th to get her weight, and then she’s scheduled to be spayed on August 7th, when she is 5 months old.

  • Yesterday Amber discovered a turtle! She crept up slowly on it, sniffing. Then she jumped straight up in the air with a yelp. I thought maybe the turtle had nipped her, but she was just excited. She tried to bite the shell, but it was too big. I FINALLY got her to continue with our walk, but it was a close thing.
  • She chased a dragonfly that was dancing in the tall weeds to the east of our house. She jumped and jumped, trying to dance and fly, too.
  • She played in the kiddie pool. She cavorted around, as usual. Suddenly she jumped up – I guess to get out – but slipped instead, going completely beneath the water for the first time. She came up laughing and shaking off the water.
  • She TRIED to bite at a red wasp – like the one that stung me last week – but I steered her in the opposite direction as quickly as possible.
  • She learns what things are by chewing or eating them. Unfortunately, this results in some less-than-tasty mouthfuls, although we differ on which is which at times…
  • We’re learning that, unless she changes quite a bit on maturing, she is NOT going to be a watchdog. She greets everyone as a long-lost brother or sister, trying to get as close to them as possible, licking and tasting as much as they’ll allow. She might smother someone in love, or – when she’s bigger – sit on someone, but happily would welcome an intruder in, showing him her toys.



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