Fridge Cleaning Day

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I told my husband this morning that we were NOT going grocery shopping until I got the fridges cleaned out. (We have one in the kitchen, one in the pantry, and one in the garage, primarily for drinks.) It has gotten to the point where I’ve bought something, only to find out we already had one or more in the fridge already.  I know this kind of thing doesn’t happen to YOU, but around here, it happens more often than I’d like.

Then there are the ‘mystery packages’ that have been in the fridge so long I don’t remember what they are…. We won’t talk about the things that are LONG past their sell by or eat by dates…And the unmentionable items with FUR….

One example –

My husband had the grocery list out this morning, writing furiously. I asked him if we needed whatever it was today. He said, “Yes.” I discovered he was talking about ‘tub butter.’ I asked, “Did you check the pantry fridge?” He said, “yeah.” I walked back, looked into the fridge, and pulled out THREE tubs of butter. He said, “Well, I guess we don’t need it TODAY…”

Part of the problem is that I’ve started stashing things, rather than putting them carefully away, after grocery shopping. Part of the problem is that, when I make a careful list of things to fix for dinner for the coming week (okayed by my husband) we get excited about eating something else. When this happens too many times, we end up with things going bad. My husband took pride years ago in the many lessons he gave our son had on ‘looking.’ ‘seeing,’ and ‘finding things.’ It seems he’s forgotten what he taught.

I now have just finished the front fridge (the one in the kitchen.) I’m taking a break before diving into the back fridge.  When I finish, our dinners will be a combination of fresh from the garden and things already in the fridge, followed by things in the freezers until further notice!



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