Monday Afternoon


I’m taking it easy today. I was up much of the night when I should have been sleeping. After we took care of animals, my husband took care of things while I grabbed a nap ( only interrupted by two phone calls and the UPS delivery guy), trying to catch up a bit.  I’m feeling better now, but energy is low, so I’ll just do what I need to do, not pushing.



Molly seems to be resigning herself to the fact that, no matter how irritated she is, the big, bumbling, super-enthusiastic, bull-in-a-china-shop puppy is not going away.  I didn’t get a picture (the animals won’t cooperate with a very amateur photographer), but yesterday the two doggies were lying in the little bed I keep by my feet under my computer area in the office. I think Amber is missing all her puppy litter buddies at times. She was nuzzled up tight with Molly when my husband saw them.


Again last night the two of them were side by side on the much larger dog bed we have in front of the entertainment center in the living room. I went to get the camera, and they separated, not to get together again the whole evening. :0(

This morning, in the interest of trying to keep things quiet so that I could get a nap, Amber is in the office and Molly is on the bed in the utility room.

This seems to be a significant first step in getting our animal family to accept one another. I don’t worry about the cats. Abby hisses a lot when Amber is around and makes herself scarce. Smoke actively stalks Amber when we take walks, taunting her. When they get close – nose-to-nose – Smoke either bounds away or whacks per Amber in the mouth.

I’m hopeful that in the fullness of time, our family will meld.


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