July 4th Memories


I’ve always loved the 4th of July. My favorite thing, other than watching the professional shows, is sparklers and snakes.


Latinos Post

It was my dad’s favorite holiday. He used to get a whole group of ladyfinger firecrackers that were all tied together in a big double swath, kind of like the ammo belts and shoulder harnesses bandoliers used to wear, and light the end of it so all of the firecrackers went off serially, seemingly forever. He would laugh with joy every time he did this.


Toward the end of his life, his health was very poor. He had a bad combination of dangerously enlarged heart, emphysema, and had bad cataracts – so bad he really had trouble seeing anything. His health was so poor that the surgeons didn’t want to risk removing the cataracts.

My husband-to-be spent all one July 4th evening setting off firecrackers that my dad could SEE and HEAR. I spent the whole evening in happy tears, seeing the joy on my dad’s face, love pouring out for my fiance’. If I didn’t love him for 9 million other reasons, I would love him for the gift he gave my dad that year.

May you enjoy sparklers, snakes, and beautiful fireworks this July 4th.

Happy Independence Day!

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