New Toys!

Most puppies like to chew on things, but labradors – and Amber in particular – bring chewing to an art form. NOTHING is sacred. We have to be alert 24/7 to be sure our favorite whatever-it-is hasn’t been declared a chew-toy by Amber and an end eaten off, if not devoured completely.

Two of Amber’s newest legitimate chew-toys, however, haven’t cost a thing and we’re delighted. In the picture above you can see a glass ‘apple’ paperweight. My husband bought it for me years ago. It’s really heavy and I love it. Amber loves it, too, and she cannot seem to hurt it. She chews on it, rolls it around, jumps after it with a happy yipe, then chews on it again. She can’t actually get the whole thing in her mouth.

The other toy she loves best is a plastic water bottle, minus the top, minus the blue ring that’s left when you unscrew the top, and minus the label. She makes a LOT of noise and just loves dashing around with it in her mouth, crunching like mad – a maniacal look on her face, then diving after it when she drops it, over and over. We had a fun morning with her with us in the office. I then took her for a walk and put her on the porch.


We left Amber on the back porch while we went grocery shopping. It’s about an hour later now than when I was typing the above.

I asked my husband if he would walk Amber. He came back a second later, saying, “Did you see what she did to the porch?”

She had somehow gotten up high enough to pull out what was in a basket we had hanging – dragging

  • a half roll of paper  towels down and shredding the towels into tiny bits all over the porch,
  • a bottle of Clorox Cleanup – spilled, but not ingested (we think/hope),
  • all of the towels we put on her crate at night, and all of her toys out of the laundry basket
  • plus she had ‘pawed’ all the water out of her water dish

It looked like something had exploded, or possibly the remains of a ticker tape parade after everyone went home.

So, in addition to putting away our groceries and cleaning up the kitchen, we’ve now cleaned and mopped the porch.

NOW we’re having another Amber-and-Molly-learning-to-co-exist lesson…

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