My New Book Arrived Today!

I’m thrilled that I got this book today.  I’m especially happy in that our greenhouse is still standing, with no damage, after the bad storms with lots of rain and high winds we had yesterday.

Now that we’ve gone to the trouble to build my wonderful greenhouse –



I would like to get as much use out of it as I can all year-long. So far, we’ve blown out the type of thermometer than has alcohol (aka ‘mercury’) in it, having to switch to the type of thermometer than doesn’t have any liquid in it. The temperatures inside the greenhouse during the day now are over 120 degrees, so I’m ‘guessing’ :0) that this is the time of the year that I should do my planning, scheming, gathering of materials, etc. to be READY to plant when the temperature is reasonable in there. The exhaust fan kicks on when the temperature is over 90, and there is a people fan in there, but the plants can’t survive right now.

I’m going to dive into the book today!

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