Boo Has a New Bowl

A new bowl for Boo arrived this morning!

I decided that she really didn’t have enough room to swim around much in the old bowl. I ordered a new drum-shaped 2 gallon bowl. It’s a bit harder for me when lifting it back up onto the divider, but I’ve figured out that I can fill it totally by putting the clean, empty bowl on the divider and then using the extender cable on the faucet to fill it up. :0)


I would like to do everything I can to keep Boo happy. She actually swims over to meet my finger – wiggling at me – when I stop and talk to her. I love her bulbous eyes and really wiggly body with all the fins.  I’m beginning to think I am unable to get a good picture of her. Here is one I found on the net that gives you a better idea of what she looks like.


Black Moor Goldfish – Pinterest

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