I Love YouTube

I just found a good video of a man trimming his fairly early tomato plants. He pinched off the lower branches that touched the soil, saying that you can stop a lot of disease if you do this. He was also pinching off the sucker (he’s pointing to one here) early on to make the main part of the plant sturdier.

He said he waits until mid July to pinch off suckers that are about 6 inches long and then plants them in soil for his fall crop. I think I may be too early in my efforts, so I’ll wait and try to follow the things he showed me.

Meanwhile, I got a different style thermometer (doesn’t use alcohol) and will put in into the greenhouse later. Hopefully, this style will live through the heat.

I’ve decided to try planting some more spaghetti squash seeds, since we still have a good amount of time for them to grow over the summer. Wish me luck?

Right now, the heat index is 103 degrees, lethally hot for old folks like me. We have a 60% chance of rain this afternoon and evening, but I’m afraid it will only be momentary relief.  I may take Amber to stand out in the rain with me, thankful for at least a short reprieve.

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