Weed Trees

We have what we call, “Weed Trees” running all the way across the edge where our ‘civilized’ back yard meets the downward slope of the valley. Each year we’re fighting them, having to cut them down to open up our view of the valley below.

Last year we paid a nice guy to come when he could – around a full-time job with the city and some 26 or so people for whom he mowed lawns – to cut them down. This year I decided I would try to do it.

Today I spent a couple of hours lopping them off and throwing them into a sloppy pile.

I started on the far left, right by our trio of large evergreen trees. You can see, if you look carefully, where the brown of the tall grass that’s left is. It took me two hours to clear this much. There are HUNDREDS of weed trees between us and our view of the valley, but I figure if I try to do some every day, I’ll make it across the yard one day…. I’ll keep taking pictures of my progress.



I also took half of the onions I harvested that have been sitting in the sun for several days on the grating of our trailer and put them out on the porch table so that Amber could feel that she was helping.  At first she wanted to EAT the onions. And then she decided that they didn’t smell that great and she just looked at me with interest from time to time.

I got one mesh bag of them cleaned up and will do the 2nd bag later or tomorrow. I’ll take pics of them, too.

Finally, I just wanted to tell you that I checked on the greenhouse after the gusty winds and the rain and it was FINE. Hooray!!!!

I hope you’re having a good Saturday, too.

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