My New Life

I now walk around with a small pocket knife and my pedometer in one pocket and as many dog treats as I can stuff into my other pocket.  (Replenished at least once again each day).

Amber is now 30 lbs (we think). We’ll weigh her officially next Tuesday, when we take her for her last puppy shots and her rabies vaccine, but we went ahead and increased her puppy food to approximately two cups of food morning and evening, and she’s still clamoring for more.

She has NOT eaten the rubber from around her new water dish because she hasn’t figured out a way to upend it – yet. She ‘plays’ in it, trying to scoop the water out with her paws, rather than simply drinking it. (I guess that would be boring).

Last night she last almost half an hour in the living room with us. She played with her tennis ball and her squeaky ball, her rope, and ran back and forth between my husband and me. We put a gate between our chairs so she couldn’t get out, but she managed to find an opening to the left of my chair, under the table once. :0)

My new life is dominated by

  • when she is fed
  • how long has it been since she went out
  • it’s time to go play with/cuddle her for a bit
  • it’s time to get Molly and Amber together again to see if things have improved any
  • it’s time to bring her inside for a bit since she’s just been out

Anything else that gets done is gravy. I knew that having a new puppy would be time-consuming. I knew that we would have to really work to give her enough exercise. I have to admit I underestimated how much having a sweet, wriggly, BIG puppy would completely dominate our lives.

We’re making good progress on

  • “Amber”
  • “Sit!”
  • “Good Girl!”
  • “Hurry Up!”
  • “No!!!”
  • “Crate”

No so much on

  • “No Bite!” or “No Teeth!”
  • “Come”

We HAVE gotten to the point where Amber expects to entertain herself after breakfast and inside time are over for the early morning, and again in the afternoon. We ALL take a break, breathe a huge sigh of relief and REST for a bit…



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