Welcome to My Greenhouse!


The construction of my greenhouse is finished!

We did the last of the stapling this morning. We also arranged for electricity, a thermostat to control when the exhaust fan comes on, and a people fan.

Here is Smoke checking out the greenhouse. She likes it! She went right in and got under one of the saw horses. She didn’t want to come out.

We’re deciding if we need a light or a hose later.  Right now I’m concentrating on getting all my supplies out there, getting them organized so I could actually fill a seed starter and plant something, have a place to throw things away, etc. I did take a folding chair out there today.:0)

the thermostat that controls when the exhaust fan comes on.


I’ll need to fill a big trash can with Mel’s Mix so I have my good planting medium out there. I bought a nice bottle for spraying the plants. It has a pump on the top and then it sprays out a nice, fine spray for starting seeds. (If I get to the point the greenhouse is full of growing plants, I’ll think about a LONG hose with a mister attachment.)

Here is a jumble of ‘stuff’ I need on one of the tables to plant seeds. I’ll organize it little by little.



A gloriously empty table!


Here you get the feel of the three tables, the storage underneath, and the empty corner where I’ll put a large trash can full of Mel’s Mix and other tall stuff.

I wheelbarrowed several loads of ‘stuff’ out there yesterday and will continue doing that today. I’ll use early mornings and evenings when the sun gives us a bit of a break to try to arrange my ‘stuff’ so I can actually plant some seeds for the fall garden.

I’ll be doing a LOT of reading – on

  • what temperature should be the trigger on the exhaust fan coming on
  • when to start seeds for my fall garden so that I have good plants to transplant into the raised bed garden
  • tips on using a greenhouse most effectively
  • etc

One funny ‘problem’ is that the wind blows under the door when it’s shut and causes the weed barrier to form a big bubble in the center of the floor. I’ll need to figure out a way to either pull the excess out farther under the main foundation and then put rocks on it, or I may end up putting bricks end to end right beside the foundation wood on the inside.

Now that the building is finished, I can concentrate on what I’d like to plant in the fall and when I should start the seeds. :0)



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