Our Puppy is Training Us Pretty Well!

Amber is training us to shut the door to the porch when she won’t stop whining or barking. Happily, she is responding to the bark collar (when she isn’t kicking it, trying to get it off), and sometimes stops on her own when we don’t respond to her noise.  She is training us to come play with her, sit with her on the porch, bring her inside, or take her for a walk or swim when she is quiet. Shhhhhh!


She is training us to look at her water bowl every time we’re out there to make sure it’s full. Since she’s a water dog, she tends to ‘play’ with the bowl, spilling water all over the place.  She gets frustrated with us if we don’t check it and refill it.   She is also trying to get us to feed her more than twice a day, but she has found we’re really stubborn on that point.


She’s training us to take her for a walk every couple of hours, both for allowing her to take care of business and because she loves to sniff and/or eat whatever interesting things we find.


Most of all, she has trained us to carry a pocket full of treats, in case she does something she feels deserves one – basically anything that makes us say, “Good dog!”

We’re making progress every day, but she wishes we would learn faster.

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