Inside and Outside!

We worked HARD last night from 6 to almost 9pm, getting the film out and unrolled, each of us taking a corner and trying to get the sheet pulled over the top of the greenhouse skeleton and down to the ground on the other side. If you look carefully along the foundation wood in this picture, you can see that we split the film between the ribs of the greenhouse, stapled on a 1×2, rolled up the film, and then screwed it to the foundation wood. We did this on both sides. Thank GOODNESS we both had stools or our backs would have broken.


We put a few staples on the film to hold it to the exhaust fan end of the greenhouse.


And the door end of the greenhouse before quitting for the day.

Today we got more wood for the tables that will go inside!  We split two 4×8 sheets of plywood into two strips each. We put 2×4’s on the ground in the shop. We added one 8 foot strip of plywood, plus a shorter piece on either end, making 12 foot x 2 foot long ‘tables ‘to go inside the greenhouse. We bought sawhorses that the plywood will sit on inside the greenhouse.  We’ll make a “U” shaped group of tables, leaving one corner empty for storage of a big trash can for Mel’s mix and other stuff.

We put the ‘tables’ into the back of the truck and carefully drove around to the greenhouse. We got them off the truck and just put them on the ground beside the greenhouse because the sun was really strong. The temperature wasn’t bad and the humidity was supposedly low, but we were still broiling.

We started stretching the film on the doorway end, but didn’t last long. We’ll go back out and do as much as we can tonight. As soon as we have the doorway end finished, being able to open and close the door, we’ll probably drag the tables and sawhorses inside.

It’s coming together!

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