But I Just Want To Play!

Amber is too boisterous and friendly for her own good.

She was 3 months old yesterday and lives to play with us, with strangers, with the cats, with Molly.

Molly and the cats aren’t having any of it. We’re making a point of bringing Amber inside into the kitchen (with the gate up) after she has been taken out and then fed so that she can socialize with whoever is with us. Today it was Abby the cat and Molly the dog.

Abby hissed, spit, and the fled the scene.

Molly would have LIKED to do that, too, but can’t get over the gate. We allowed as much action under the table while we ate as was reasonable, trying to allow them to work it out. Amber was trying SO hard to get Molly to play. At one point, Molly was over by the door to the garage and Amber was in front of her, with her front half down and her back end up, tail wagging furiously. Molly’s reaction was to curl her lip and growl.

After we admonished Amber a couple more times, she actually laid down! Molly kept a really low profile at the other end of the table and that seemed to keep Amber much more calm.

Maybe if we do this every morning, things will eventually tame down…

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