Good Morning!

Mary Frey

It was really foggy when I went out to walk Amber – our maniac puppy – this morning. The spiders had been busy making webs anywhere they could find. The light caught them just right, making them sparkle. Even if I had had my camera with me, the morning walk with Amber is much too intense for her to allow me a moment to try to capture the beauty of nature.

The ground was super wet, and special spiders had gone to work there, too, with white irregularly-shaped webs in the grass. Amber had no respect for their artistry, though, crashing through them in her quest to chase the new smell or sight.

Today would be a good day to try to put the film on the greenhouse, except we have an appointment in Fort Smith this morning. We’ll lose too much time while the temperature isn’t set to roast whoever is dumb enough to be out in it this afternoon. It looks like tomorrow will be a good day to tackle a project that – once started – there aren’t many good places to stop and take a rest.

Today we’ll probably put up the last of the framework on the greenhouse and then get set up to put the film on. The other day I cut a bunch of pieces of 1×2’s so that we can wrap the edge of the film around each and then screw the combination to the foundation boards. At least, that’s the plan.

We bowled last night – for the first time in a LONG time, due to our mens’ surgeries – and we had a blast. We didn’t set any records with our scores, but we caught up with what’s been happening to each of us, PLUS had ice cream at Braums afterwards. :0)


Please remember to take a few moments to honor the veterans of D Day today. Without their sacrifice, our world would be a much different place today.


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