Happy Sunday


As excited as I am about having a greenhouse, I’m really glad we’re taking a break from our labors today.

We got up early to take care of the puppy, as usual, and then went to get groceries for the week. Soon after we got home it started raining. We got a LOT of rain.

My husband was working in the shop and he told me later the sound of the rain drowned out his music in the shop – and he plays it LOUD to be heard over the sound of the machinery he’s using.

The first thing I’ll need to do tomorrow when we start working on the greenhouse again is to sweep out all the water. I just finished doing that yesterday, but we might even get MORE rain today.

My husband figured out how to mount the exhaust fan in the greenhouse. He made a support box out of 2×4’s, attached the fan to it, and made mounts to attach to the 2nd doorway. We should be able to get that up tomorrow, plus the diagonals for the second doorway, plus the rest of the plywood strips that go on the inside of the foundation.  He also did some thinking about the electricals needed. If weather permits, I’ll take more pics of what has been accomplished tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I’ve done some cooking for tonight and lunches for the week, laundry, and got the porch – where Amber stays – cleaned up. It was REALLY wet. The table had water standing on it. I toweled that off, wringing the bath towel out and bringing it in to wash, then squeegeeing and mopping the floor. We have Amber’s crate and toys on the protected end of the porch, so she had a dry place to be until I could fix the rest of it.

I hope YOU’VE had a happy Sunday, too.

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