Vacuuming Olympics?

If there were a vacuuming Olympics, I should win at least a bronze medal yesterday and today for stamina.  Yesterday I tackled the tile on the first floor: utility room, dining area, kitchen, pantry, and two half-baths.  I filled up the cannister on my Dyson battery-powered vacuum and had to recharge before I could finish.

Today I vacuumed the carpet in the living room, foyer, and office, moving everything in the areas at least once and going beside the baseboards with a whisk broom to loosen all the pet hair that has accumulated since we got our new puppy. With two cats and two dogs (the fish doesn’t shed, thank goodness) they bring it in and leave it everywhere faster than I can vacuum it up.

Since I’m a slob, I let things go while I tended my husband after his surgeries and tended the animals, leaving everything else to fend for itself.

I feel a little bit better about the first floor, at least. The energy drink I tried yesterday tasted okay. It was sugar-free and only 5 calories. I couldn’t feel any difference in my energy level. Maybe I need to drink a gallon of it…


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4 responses to “Vacuuming Olympics?

  1. Cleaning can be tough, when we have animals Linda 🙂
    I do my best to remember to “brush” them outside, which helps a little. I both have a brush and a glove, which are great for collecting the hairs, no matter directly at the animal or where they lay indoor.

    • I have a brush and a glove, too. Everyone around here hates them. NO ONE appreciates my trying to brush or glove them. I do the best I can and then deal with a cloud of hair poofing out as Abby sits down. I came into the office just now after watching some TV to find a cat hairball on the carpet…

      • You need to teach Amber this, while she is puppy, then she will cooperate better in the next many years, we may hope 🙂
        Carpets are magnets to pet hairs.

        • I hear you, Irene. It’s on the list of things we’re working on. I’m also trying to make a point of touching her around the face, ears, paws, etc. so she’ll be easier for the vet and his people to work on her when needed. So many things to cover, but we’re making real progress. Tomorrow we will have had her for two weeks. She’s learned a LOT. Thank goodness she’s smart to help us pull it all together. :0) Love to you and Odin.

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