Smoke’s Retreat

Smoke came in meowing yesterday while I was working at the computer. After I petted her a bit, she walked off my lap onto the open drawer beside me. It has an old lap tray on it to provide more workspace for me. She laid down and breathed a huge sigh of relief.



It’ a good thing bank statements don’t need to be flat to be used….


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5 responses to “Smoke’s Retreat

  1. Smoke looks beautiful and so relaxed, Linda πŸ™‚
    Where we have papers, we have cats too…

    • Smoke has started baiting Amber by staying just out of reach. When they get close, Smoke smacks Amber in the face with her paw. Abby just stays away – as far as she can get. Amber wants to play with both of them. Molly, our fuzzy white dog, is calming down a bit. She doesn’t enjoy her time with Amber yet, but is making progress on accepting the new situation. We all make progress each day.

      • It seems like Amber gets raised already now by Smoke, which is fine, then she learn to behave good and respect the cats.
        Time goes fast with “babies” in the house πŸ˜€

        • Even though our days are starting MUCH earlier now, the days are flying by. Tomorrow we will have had Amber for a full week! Since we’re trying to meet her needs and teach her to behave, our days are more than full. She’s a happy dog. Her tail is almost always wagging. I hope we’ll be good family for her.

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