I don’t know if you can tell – looking at my old, gnarly hand – that there is a discolored lump between my first and middle finger. Somehow, about an hour ago, while I was doing stuff with Amber, I hit the back of my hand on something. It didn’t hurt, and it’s not unusual for me to hit my hand, or other body part, on something.

This swelled up suddenly. I noticed it more because I had the sensation my skin was crawling than hurting. I’ve had a bag of ice on it, off and on, for about half an hour or so now. I may end up with an impressive bruise, and I won’t be able to tell people an interesting story about how I did it! Sigh.

The timing of this isn’t great, since I need to be everywhere at once taking care of my husband and the new puppy.

It got quiet around here about an hour ago – and, as mothers know, that is usually a sign something you don’t like is happening. My husband was walking out to the shop, intending to fix the other stop on the dog run. I couldn’t convince him that this was a stupid move on the morning after cataract surgery, so I went out to the shop and watched him while he put the stop together, then walked back with him and got the ladder, took it out to the run, then held it while my husband climbed up and attached the new stop to the dog run. Then I folded up the ladder and took it back into the garage, again reminding him that he wasn’t supposed to be doing that…

This day seems as if it has gone on forever. Starting the day at 5 is not one of our favorite things. With the surgery, the stress, the care-giving and the new puppy, I’m hopeful we’ll get a good night’s sleep tonight, even though we have to get up early again tomorrow to check in at the doctor’s office again, post-surgery.



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3 responses to “Clutz

  1. You did really hit your hand, Linda. Take good care of yourself, who else will take care of your loved ones?
    Wish you will heal fast.

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