Meet Amber

Amber is a 9 week old female yellow labrador retriever. We just got home a few minutes ago from our road trip. She weighs about 15 lbs or so at this point. She can get to be 60 lbs or so when fully grown. Her legs and feet seem really big for the rest of her, indicating she’ll be a large dog.


She was wonderful the whole almost two hour trip home. She didn’t get sick or make a mess of any kind. She dozed off, then woke up and snuggled me, over and over throughout the trip. She seems to like the puppy food we got her, though she wasn’t really hungry. She’s never been on a leash, and so straightens her legs and tries to back up. We got two harnesses, but both were too large. We’ll get the small size on Monday when we’re in Fort Smith again.

Monday we’ll also have a wellness check at our vets and he can tell us when the next series of shots are due, when we should have her spayed, etc.

Amber has already met Molly, though Molly was less than welcoming. She now seems to be avoiding everyone, although she’s at my feet in her bed as I type. Amber is behind the gate on the back porch. She wanted company, so my husband is reading a magazine out there now. I took a toy, hoping that that will give her something to concentrate on for awhile.

Amber also met Abby, our tortoiseshell cat. Both froze in place. Then Abby walked past her in a very dignified fashion. Smoke, our charcoal gray cat looked at her, hit her in the nose with a paw, and then gave her a wide berth. Amber didn’t even react to the paw in the face.

She has a loud bark, but so far, gives it up after a bit. She’s also a bit bite-y, now that she’s more awake, but we’ll encourage her to stop that.  She’s a good snuggler and wakes her tail readily. She seems like a happy dog. We hope that this is the beginning of a wonderful sharing of another dog life. We’ll have to do a lot of work to teach her how to behave, etc., but I think she’ll definitely be worth it.  Most of all, as we reach out, trying to meet her needs,  she’ll help us heal.


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3 responses to “Meet Amber

  1. I’m happy to see, that you found a new puppy, Linda 🙂
    Amber looks like a very good girl. She is a little tough, when she didn’t react to the beating from one of your cats. Let the cats be close to her and they will help you raising her in a good way, but also so she learn to respect them always, which is important, when she will grow to be a big girl. All need to be safe in your house.

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