Fingers Crossed

We’re taking a road trip today to see if we can find a new puppy for our family.

My husband and I learned a long time ago – the hard way – that if we get a new puppy quickly, particularly when we feel our guts have been ripped out by the loss of a treasured pet, we are FORCED to reach out to meet the needs of a new little animal, forced to react, forced to hug, feed, water, walk, and with that new bond, we start to heal. We’re still really sad, and will miss Bambi, of course, forever, but we don’t go deep inside ourselves – morose – shutting everything and everyone out.

We are hopeful that we will bring home a sister for Molly, our cocker spaniel/schnauzer cross. Molly is constantly looking for her brother Bambi, and there is no way to explain to her why he is no longer here. We’re hoping that a new addition to the family will give us all new focus, bringing us all closer to heal together while welcoming a new face.

I would adopt most ANY animal, if left to myself, ending up in the newspaper as the crazy woman on the hill who has a gazillion animals. My husband is a harder sell, and he will make the decision today. It’s his turn. I chose Smoke, our newest adoption, a cat who has added a lot of richness to the family. It’s his turn to NAME her, too. I gave him a list of names I had come up with to consider, but we’ll need to see her first, and then he’ll decide.

If we’re successful, I’ll post pics of our new fur baby later today.

Fingers crossed.

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