Sleek Molly

We took Molly to be sheared like a sheep this morning. She’s a schnauzer/cocker spaniel cross and is naturally VERY fuzzy, with THICK hair.

We live on a ridge line on a wooded piece of land. This time of year, Molly runs out to greet the day, full of enthusiasm, barking as if to say, “Look out world! Here I come!!!” She returns a few minutes later with her whole snout, mustache, and beard black, having stuck her nose into someone else’s business. She also has her entire face and head full of burrs. I spent half an hour or so, carefully combing out the burrs, then washing her face and hands (which are also black from digging to get into someone else’s business), and then she wants to go out again…

I explained to the vet’s assistants what our lives are like, asking them to stress to the new groomer Matt (who’s quite a hunk, BTW) that the cute eyebrows, mustache and beard of last time would have to go.

He did a beautiful job. Now I have a CHANCE to undo the damage shes does when she dashes outside to do her worst.

I THOUGHT, when we got Molly, that she would be a sweet, feminine, lap dog. Well, I did get the sweet and the lap dog, but you should never underestimate her ego. She’s a dog’s dog – full of life, not afraid to confront – at least by barking – anything in her territory.

Now I can be sure she’s free of ticks, fleas, and can comb out the burrs pretty quickly. She still hates to get her face and hands washed.

Sleek Molly.

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