Lazy Days Wallpaper – Fanpop

I was GOING to work in the garden again and do more weed whacking.

We got up early today

  1. to take Molly to the groomer’s, and
  2. to go to my husband’s appointment with the eye doctor

We have his second cataract surgery scheduled for the 16th of this month. His right eye (first surgery) is doing well, except that my husband was admonished for insisting we stop putting in the drops. (We started again when we got home).

I fixed us some lunch and then fell asleep in my chair, waking up just a few minutes ago.

I SHOULD get out and do the weed whacking I wanted to do around the garden, but I’m feeling super-lazy.

I think I’m going to declare this an official working-outside-day-off.

I feel a little bit guilty – but not enough to actually go out and DO anything….

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