Maligned Clowns


I’m always sad when a word changes its meaning – due to the population using it differently – and I no longer feel comfortable using it. One example – the distortion causes children’s poems to be suddenly ‘inappropriate for children,’ or you can’t read one aloud anymore without the laughing killing the whole point of it.

I understand that if a language isn’t changing, it dies. But, sometimes, the changes kill wonderful memories, too.

I’ve always loved clowns. Like mimes, they make you see a ‘story’ without saying a word. Truly gifted, they can make you laugh or cry.



But clowns have taken on a sinister aspect, due to movies, weird books, and demented souls who think it’s funny to dress up as a beloved clown and then do horrible things.

I just looked for images of clowns on the net, and could only find THREE I thought fit MY image of a clown. Most were trying to be frightening or sickening.

I don’t want to accept this change. I’ll just remember when clowns were sweet, gifted, and a joy to people everywhere.


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3 responses to “Maligned Clowns

  1. These changes I don’t like either, Linda. Have you tried to search for “happy clowns” too?

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