Guess What!

Recommended Key Words – Gravy and Biscuits – Playing in the Rain

It’s raining again!

I couldn’t find how much rain we’ve had in April, but it’s more than enough. After today, the forecast looks sunny and good for the rest of the week!

I was planning to go clean up our garden today, but I’ll have to wait until tomorrow.

Happily, we were just getting home from our followup appointment for my husband’s first cataract surgery when the front started to move in, making the sky almost black and the heavy rains starting. We took advantage of the warm, dry house with the rain pouring outside, each cuddled up under throws in our recliners, and took naps. AHHHH!

The rest of the day will be quiet for us – also a welcome thing with the stress of getting ready for the surgery this past week. All is going perfectly, with the exception of having to insist my husband wear the eye protector last night. The first thing the surgeon asked was where it was this morning…. He has to wear it until Friday and then we prepare for the 2nd eye surgery. I’m grateful that all has gone so well.

I hope that the weather where you are is just what you need and that you have a wonderful day.

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